Roofing, Sealing, Geotextiles & Other Membranes

Roofing membranes

Dakota is a partner for customers to find the right powder adhesive for various technical applications such as membranes, geotextiles, ... 

Membrane roofing is a roofing system for buildings. They are used on flat or nearly flat roofs to prevent leaks and move water off the roof. Here our powder adhesives are used in the manufacturing process of roofing membranes as an alternative to the conventional Kraft paper roof underlay. These membranes control the moisture content of roof cladding systems. Due to higher requirements in this industry, we also offer our adhesives functionalized with flame retardant properties.

Other membrane application fields can be wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, etc. which need adequate protection against moist. Sealing and uncoupling membranes are often manufactured by using thermoplastic adhesives. Dakota offers specialized blends and compounds to meet the strictest regulations. 

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics that have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Usually geotextiles are placed at the tension surface to strengthen the soil and are often used outdoor.​





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